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our process

The first step in building or remodeling your home is building a relationship with you.  We would love to get our first meeting on the calendar!  We want to understand your lifestyle and how you’re going to live in your home.  We want to listen and see your ideas to determine what’s important to you.  Your new home or remodel project starts with a vision and that vision comes from you.  In order to turn that vision into reality we must understand what you love, what you dislike and what you can’t live without.  We can help determine what the best project is for you based on your budget.   Understanding your budget is a very important part of this process because we design around that.  If you are going to require financing for your project, now is the time to start meeting with lenders to help determine what you can afford to build.


Now that we have a concept of your vision, it is now time to start our work.  The second step in our process is to visit your lot or your home to begin our site analysis.

For Remodeling:  We will schedule a time to come to your home to gather valuable information for your project.   We will take measurements of the existing rooms and document existing conditions of the structure and mechanical components.  We will take photos of all the areas we are proposing to work in along with adjacent areas for documentation of the existing home.  If you are building an addition, it will be helpful to have a survey of your lot so that we can determine the building envelope.

For New Homes:  We will schedule a time to visit your lot to gather valuable information for your project.  Prior to our visit we would like to get a survey of your property.   If you do not have a current survey of your property we can have one done for you.  We will use this survey to locate the property lines while we are there.  We will take notes and photos of locations of trees, other natural features and utilities on the lot.  We will document significant views from the lot.  We will note the direction of the lot and how the sun impacts specific areas of the lot.  With this information we can determine the best location for the home and the driveway and how it will sit on the lot.

In the design development phase we  study all the information we gathered in our first two appointments. We look at your budget, your vision, your lot and your needs.  We take that information to create a preliminary design of your new home or remodel project.  This will include floor plans, elevations and a 3D model.  We can also create a 3D virtual model of the entire home.  When the design is complete we will schedule a meeting to review it with you.  We will discuss all the pros and cons of the the design and take notes for any revisions.  We will discuss how the design works with your lot and surrounding neighborhood.  We will discuss building selection materials and site improvements.  Once the preliminary design meets your approval we will begin creating a bid set of construction drawings for project bidding.


Now that we have the bid set of drawings in hand our homework begins and the real fun begins for you.  We will provide you a list of our qualified vendors and suppliers to guide you step by step through the final selection making process while visiting their showrooms.  This is your opportunity to make those selections you’ve been dreaming about and saving all those photos on Pinterest for the last few years!  Once you’ve made your selections, our suppliers and vendors will send us their final bids based on your selections.  While you’ve been making your selections, we’ve already started our homework.  We have sent out the bid set of plans to our trade partners to get estimates for your project.  We have a qualified set of trade partners we have been working with for several years.  We know and trust their work and chose the best for your specific project and budget.  Once we receive all the estimates back from our trade partners we are ready to start the building contract.

With all the estimates are in hand from our suppliers and trade partners, we will begin creating the construction documents for your project.  Construction documents include a final set of construction plans, a building specification, a building contract and a cost break down.  The construction plans show how we are going to build your project while the building specification says how we are going to build your project.   The building contract states the terms and conditions of our working relationship and the responsibilities of each party for the duration of your project.  The cost break down is a spread sheet of all the costs related to your project.  Whether you are building a new home or doing a remodel on your existing home we feel it is important to show you all the cost associated with your project.  Unlike other builders with fixed contract pricing, we want to show all our clients there are no hidden costs in our contracts. If you are securing financing through a lender, now is the time to submit these documents to them for final approval.  Once financing is secure and signed construction documents we can begin the construction process.

With signed construction documents and a down payment in hand, now the construction begins.  We will apply for local, county and state building permits required for the project.  We will also apply for and meet with any local architectural review boards for final approval.  We will start scheduling our trade partners for their work on your project.  We will start ordering any necessary building materials for the initial phase of the project.  We will schedule with you an onsite meeting to discuss the details of the start of construction.  If you are doing a remodel project, now is the time to remove any items at or around the area of work to be done.  We will provide you a basic schedule of our construction work.  Most importantly, we meet with you weekly to go over your project.  In this meeting we will update you on the progress of the project; we will discuss any question or concerns, we will discuss the schedule and any items to be finalized.  Good communication is the key to any successful project and that is why we feel it is important to have these weekly meetings with you.        

Just prior to the project completion, we will meet with you on site to go over final punch list items to be completed before we hand over the keys to you.  We want you to be 100% satisfied with your new home or remodel project and want to make sure no detail was missed.  The most important and most overlooked part of any project is the last few weeks prior to completion.   This is when we put the final touches on all the finish items on your project.  If this part of the project is rushed, it will not look good!  We understand your excitement to move into your new home and we want you to be extremely happy with the final results.  We rely on you being happy with your home and your home looking the best because we want other people to ask who built your home, Clark Design Build!

Aging In Place Design

Like many families today, you may be concerned if your home will meet your future needs or your extended families needs as you all age in your home together. The term “Aging in Place” refers to a residence that is designed to allow a home owner to remain living in their home throughout all ages. Clark Design Build is well experienced in Designing for the Ages as well as Universal Design for people with disabilities. Our goal in doing so is to create a balanced harmony of togetherness and independence in your home that brings your family together. As part of our carefully considered design process, we understand you or your loved one’s needs and can help provide a safe, comfortable and beautiful space that all of your family can enjoy.  If you are considering remodeling your existing home or building a new one and you have not put any thought into Aging in Place, Clark Design Build can work with you to integrate these practices into your design while saving you what could be great amounts of money down the road. Please feel free to contact our design team for a copy of our Universal Design Guide Lines by filling out our contact form on this site.

Building Green

There are many decisions to be made when planning a new home or remodeling project, but the most important decision is how to incorporate green building practices into your project. Remember, together we can make a difference and integrating green building strategies into your project will help preserve the environment for future generations. Not only are we preserving the environment but we are also making your home more comfortable and healthy for your family. Clark Design Build is committed to building green with the latest innovations in green building to create homes that are healthy, efficient and beautiful.  Green building is a comprehensive approach that conserves natural resources, uses water and energy wisely for long-term savings, uses healthy products and incorporates sustainable materials, improves indoor environmental quality, reduce and recycles construction and demolition waste and facilitates ease of responsible use and maintenance of your home.  When building with Clark Design Build, we will advise you through each stage of your project on appropriate ways to integrate green building components into your project that are right for your home and your family.

Historical Renovations

Wisconsin has a rich heritage of historic homes designed and built with superior craftsmanship. As a home owner of one of these unique properties, you may have though about remodeling, but are concerned about compromising the original character of your home’s architecture.  To remodel a historic home properly, requires expertise in design and craftsmanship as well as full knowledge of your cities historic preservation requirements. If your home is historic in nature or has a historic designation, you can count on Clark Design Build for the experience, knowledge and design skills necessary to assure that the integrity of your home’s original design and character is preserved into the future.